Top Male Stylists to Follow

Male stylists are globally setting the bar high for their sartorial choices. When it comes to styling men, they have managed to showcase the best of artists’ personalities. Here we look at the top 15 male stylists.

Men’s fashion has been making headlines throughout the generations and the industry’s designers and stylists have been pushing the limits to make it more innovative each passing day. Fashion stylists are the fashion leaders who are responsible for ultimate trends and fads. They shape the artist’s personality and bring out the best in them.

While we see female stylists ruling the fashion domain, the best male stylists are head-to-head. With Harry Styles’ concert looks to Michael Jordan ruling the red carpets, let’s look at the men who style these stars. As we can see, men’s style has influenced female dressing as well as non-binary fashion. Let’s look at the iconic male stylists and their top style moments.

Top Male Stylists in the Fashion Industry

1.Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher, a New York based stylist, has been styling the iconic celebrities of Hollywood. He is renowned for his work for Prada Spring Summer ‘23 and styling for magazine shoots like People, Variety and Vanity Fair.

He has a huge clientele including Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal. His creations are one of a kind. His former career in photography helps him to visualize more creatively. Moreover, his style is sophisticated with a pinch of ground-breaking innovations.

Michael Fisher’s styling project featuring Sebastian Stan for L’Officiel USA.

Michael is an inspiration to the industry of fashion. His way of styling is the mood elevator for most of us. From Sebastian Stan’s styling for Variety to Elvira Lind’s Met Gala 2022 look, he has quite a few iconic looks to uncover.

Instagram- @mjonf

2. Law Roach

From Lewis Hamilton’s Met Gala look to Alton Mason’s. Law Roach has set the bar for styling bold. Although his clients include Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, etc., his suave style for men makes them look classy.

Chicago born Law’s edgy way of styling is filled with quirky fashion elements. When it comes to styling, he himself is a star on red carpets. He has undoubtedly transformed the orthodox way of styling into an experimental one.

Law Roach featuring on the cover of Hollywood Reporter along with Zendaya and Anya Taylor Joy.

As he currently serves as a judge for the show Legendary, he is the man responsible for dashing red carpet looks. With his unconventional way of working towards client’s style, he is thoroughly pushing limits of fashion for them.

Instagram- @luxurylaw

3. Jason Bolden

Jason Bolden is the American entrepreneur and top-notch celebrity stylist. With the likes of Trevor Noah, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Serena Williams, etc. he has a good idea of what it takes to make a statement.

He is known for sober and minimal aesthetic yet chic statement for his clients. His styling works for Edgar Ramirez at Cannes and Dwayne Wade x fear of gods are stated as one of his best works.

Jason Bolden’s styling work for Cynthia Erivo on the cover of Fashion magazine.

Jason is also the co-founder of JSN studios. He began his career as styling for his celebrity friends and went on to ultimately prove the best of his styling quotient.

Instagram- @jasonbolden

4. Harry Lambert

British born stylist, Harry Lambert is the responsible for Harry Style’s outlandish fashion appearances. Whether it is red carpet, editorials or at Harry’s concerts, he makes him look quirky with a tinge of 80s fashion.

Harry Lambert’s styling work featuring Harry Styles for GQ magazine.

He has been styling for Dominic Calvert Lewin for GQ, Barry Keoghan, Emma Corin and Josh O’ Connor. He has been pushing boundaries on Met Gala and SS Daley’s Autumn Winter ‘22. Now an interior designer and fashion stylist, his potential speaks through the way he styles.

Instagram- @harry_lambert

5. David Thomas

A multi-talented Los Angeles based stylist is also a great author and a costume designer. A Hollywood reporter recently regarded him as a most demanded American male stylist of today. We see his styling projects in magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue Homme, British GQ etc.

David Thomas’ styling assignment featuring Legend on the cover of FN magazine.

The huge list of celebrities he has styled include Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, James Franco, Gerard Butler, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, John Legend. He is considered as one of the pioneer male celebrity stylists. His work is the idea of classy and innovative dressing for men.

Instagram- @ davethomasstyle

6. Tom Eerebout

Tom Eerebout is a spectacular celebrity stylist from Belgium. With over ten years of experience, Tom has worked on international tours with a lot of pop stars. The list of celebrities he has worked for include Austin Butler, Jared Leto, Kylie Minilogue, the iconic Lady Gaga and many more.

Tom Eerebout’s styling assignment for Fashion magazine Canada.

His work for Jake Wesley Rogers for Fashion magazine and Jin Akinshi for Vogue Japan is just phenomenal pieces of styling to look at. His creative instincts depicted through his stylings make him one of the most sought-after stylists in Hollywood.

Instagram- @tomeerebout

7. Jahleel Weaver

Jahleel Weaver is best known for Fenty’s creative style director. Now based in Paris, Jahleel’s one of the initial works was for Vogue Italia. He is accountable for Rihanna’s iconic and alluring looks for concerts to her pregnancy red carpet looks.

Jahleel Weaver’s styling project on the cover of Vogue Italia 2021 magazine.

His love for colors and fabrics is portrayed in his styling projects. Jahleel’s way of styling his clients is something we can adopt for our wardrobe styling.

Instagram- @illjahjah

8. Jeff Kim

Born in Chicago and based in Los Angeles, Jeff is a multifaceted celebrity stylist as well as an entrepreneur. With his great eye for creative styling, he has worked for Nick Jonas, Jeremy Santucci, Michael Jordan and many more.

Jeff Kim featuring alongside Michael Jordan on the cover of Hollywood Reporter.

His works are included in magazines and he has also done work for brands like VS, Burberry and Omega campaigns. Nick Jonas’ billboard and Michael Joran for Met Gala. When it comes to styling, his approach is rather dapper and over the edge.

Instagram- @jeffkkim

9. Avo Yermagyan

Avo is a contemporary fashion stylist who is based in Los Angeles. He has a varied clientele and amongst them are Colin Farrell, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nick Jonas, Leslie Odom and Brad Pitt.

Avo Yermagyan’s styling project featuring on the JON magazine.

He slays every styling assignment with his attention to details. Avo tends to bring the unique side of every celebrity he styles. He has also worked for magazines like People, Foxes and Vogue.

Instagram- @avoyermagyan

10. Carlos Nazario

Carlos Yermagyan is a former Olympic swimmer and now a celebrity stylist based in New York. Frank Ocean, Dev Hynes, Tyler, Campbell are among his most styled clients. He has styled for brands and its campaigns like Burberry, Zara, Nike, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein etc.

Carlos Nazario’s styling assignment featuring on the cover of M magazine.

His featured works include styling for Met Gala, M magazine, I’d, Vogue Italia, New York Times style section, W magazine, etc. His sense of fashion styling is flattering and eye catching.

Instagram- @mr_carlos_nazario

11. Jason Rembert

Jason is a debonair New York based stylist. His styling for magazines is thoroughly changing its course to another level. Jason’s accountable for styling Hollywood’s handsome men. From Michael Jordan, John Boyega, Finn Wolfhard, Ben Platt to Vin Diesel, he has made them all look posh.

Jasons Rembert’s styling work for Usher featuring on the cover of Billboard.

Styling Zayn Malik for Met Gala, Elle magazine, Michael for People Magazine, Coach, etc. his work is everywhere.

Instagram- @jasonrembert

12. George Cortina

George is a classic and creative celebrity stylist from New York. His style is filled with colors, classic pieces, bold statement and iconic dressing. No wonder his clients Daniel Craig, Gigi Hadid, Michael Jansson, brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth and many more stand out at the red carpet.

George Cortina’s styling work for Matt Damon on the cover of GQ magazine.

His styling projects are included in magazines like Vogue, GQ, Muse, Bazaar. One of his best styled project is The Weeknd for GQ. He has some of the most daring moves as a stylist, his ideas are provocative and flamboyant.

Instagram- @georgecortina

13. Mark Avery

Mark is a renowned Los Angeles based stylist. His skills are evitable through the looks of Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Gosling, Jeopardy and many more. He has styled for some of the best movies in Hollywood, including Tenet, Blade Runner, Interstellar and most recently, Gray Man.

Ryan Gosling’s stylist Mark Avery styled him for the role in Gray Man and it’s promotional events.

Virginia born Mark takes his inspiration from vintage designs and quirky styles.

Instagram- @heymarkavery

14. William Gilchrist

William is a London based celebrity stylist. With years of experience in the industry, he has styled some of the most stunning men. Ronnie Wood, Cillian Murphy and George Clooney are among his most styled actors.

William J Gilchrist’s styling for Atelier magazine.

He works feature in magazines like GQ. Even though his fashion aesthetics are widely popular, he likes to keep it understated. He has some of the best carefree style tips to give to his client stars. The elderly Rock n Roll stylist, William has styled for campaigns of Vogue, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Moschino, Arena, Giorgio Armani and Nike.

Instagram- @mr.williamjgilchrist

15. Browne Andrew

Browne Andrew is a Los Angeles based stylist. He has worked with major publications like GQ, WWD, Vogue and red-carpet events like Met Gala. His approach to styling is thoughtful and sedate.

Browne Andrew’s styling for Devin Booker on the cover of ESPN magazine.

His best styled celebrities include Devin Booker, Austin Butler, etc.  He has also styled basketballer D’Angelo Russell and Tyson Chadler.

Instagram- @ browne.andrews

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