How to Persuasively Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’ in an Interview

In today’s competitive job market, the interview process isn’t just a showcase of qualifications—it’s a testament to alignment, evidence of past successes, and a promise of future potential.  There are questions that seem plain but pack a punch. One that inevitably surfaces is:


Why should we hire you for this role?

Just as the deceivingly straightforward query — “Tell me about yourself” — the “Why should we hire you?” question demands a clear, well-thought-out response. The interviewer provides no direction, leaving you with an open field. However, that doesn’t mean you should approach it unprepared or without strategy.

Here are 3 approaches to answering this question:

  1. Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition: Discuss what sets you apart from other candidates, whether it’s a particular skill, experience, or perspective you bring.
  2. Demonstrate Alignment with Company Values and Culture: Showcase how your professional ethos and personal values align with the company’s mission and culture, ensuring you’d be a seamless fit.
  3. Provide Evidence of Past Achievements: Point to specific successes or accomplishments from your previous roles that indicate you’ll not only perform the job but excel at it.
3 approaches to answering this question

While you can use any of these approaches to answer this question, which one you choose depends on why you really think you are perfect for the said role. So it’s better to be prepared beforehand with this answer. Here, let’s discuss each approach one by one in detail, so that you can choose your approach.

1. Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition

Drawing from nearly a decade of experience in talent acquisition for my company, and as someone who’s navigated countless interviews, both as a candidate and an interviewer, I’ve come to understand the power of showcasing one’s unique value proposition (UVP). Let’s get into what UVP really means and how you can harness it to make a memorable impact in your interviews.

Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition

2. The Essence of Your UVP

Basically, your Unique Value Proposition is the one thing that sets you apart from other candidates. Think of it as your personal brand’s tagline – concise yet powerful. It’s not just about your qualifications or skills but about the distinct blend of experiences, perspectives, and values you bring to the table. Remember the time when you were asked, “Tell me about yourself”? This question, simple yet profound, was your initial chance to hint at your UVP.

3. Understanding the Nuances

It’s important to recognize that your UVP isn’t just about what you’ve done but also about how you’ve done it. Perhaps you spearheaded a project at your last job, but so did many others. What made your approach different? Was it your commitment to collaboration? Your knack for innovative solutions? Or maybe your ability to foresee challenges and mitigate them proactively?

Be Confident

If you’re a fresher, you may even think that you don’t have a UVP, or that you don’t know it yet. But the truth is, that if you think about your past achievements in school or college, you’ll think of something. 

There’s always something about our habits or personality that make us contribute to an organization in a unique way. It’s the same thing that set you apart in college, during the school dramas, college clubs or any other activities you did.

Be Confident

Crafting Your UVP Statement

Here’s where it gets actionable. Begin by listing down your achievements, skills, and experiences. Next to each, jot down what made your approach or outcome unique. Was it your deep dedication to user experience when designing that app? Or your commitment to sustainability when leading that community project? Once you have this list, you’ll start seeing patterns – these are the threads that will weave your UVP narrative.

Crafting Your UVP Statement

Putting It into Practice

Now, imagine sitting across from your interviewer and they ask, “Why should we hire you for this role?”. Drawing from your newly crafted UVP statement, you can respond confidently, “My technical qualifications might be similar to my peers, however, my [your unique perspective or value] ensures that I don’t just complete tasks; I ensure they align with the company. For example, in my previous role at [Company X]…”

Remember, everyone has a Unique Value Proposition; it’s just a matter of recognizing, refining, and confidently articulating it. As you continue your job search journey, hold onto the understanding that you’re not just another candidate. You bring a blend of experiences and perspectives that no one else does. And that, in itself, is immensely valuable.

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Sample Answers

  • I have a unique mix of data analytics and marketing skills that has consistently boosted ROI in my previous roles.
  • My dual background in UX design and customer service ensures user-friendly designs grounded in real feedback.
  • My strength lies in blending tech know-how with creative strategies, a combo that’s proven successful in past projects.

Demonstrate Alignment with Company Values and Culture

During my years of steering recruitment and nurturing organizational culture, one truth has stood out resoundingly clear: while skills are teachable, a deep-rooted alignment with a company’s values is invaluable. When a candidate’s ethos resonates with that of the organization, it’s a rare harmony. It’s the reason some employees stick while others don’t.

Demonstrate Alignment with Company Values and Culture

Understanding Organizational Culture

Firstly, understanding a company’s culture isn’t merely about reading the “About Us” page on their website. It’s going deeper into their values, their approach to everything, their innovation, and even their community involvement. Remember that time when you researched a company, and something about their values made you say, “That speaks to me; I want to work here”? That’s the spark we’re looking to fan into a flame.

Self-Reflection and Connection

Begin by introspecting about your professional journey and your own values. What are the core things that drive you, career-wise? Perhaps it’s a dedication to sustainability, a commitment to inclusivity, or a passion for customer-centric innovation. 

Now, bridge the gap: How do these align with the company’s values and ethos? This alignment becomes a potent testament to why you’d be more than just an employee but a long-term contributor to the company’s greater mission.

Self-Reflection and Connection

Narrating Your Alignment Story

The real magic happens when you transform this alignment into a narrative. So when the interviewer inquires, “Why should we hire you for this role?” and you reply, “Beyond my skills and experiences, I’ve always believed in [Your Core Value, e.g., ‘pushing the boundaries of innovation while ensuring sustainability’]. I’ve observed that [Company Name] holds a similar value at its core, especially with initiatives like [Specific Company Initiative]. This alignment makes me confident that I can not only contribute to but also thrive within your team.”

Consistency is Key

Practical Tips

To make this process actionable:

  • Review and reflect on the company’s vision, mission, and recent initiatives.
  • Pen down instances where you’ve exhibited values that align with the company, both professionally and personally.
  • Practice articulating this alignment, ensuring it comes across as genuine, and enthusiastic.

Emphasizing alignment isn’t just about impressing your interviewer. It’s about laying the foundation for a fulfilling tenure with the organization. Because when you work in an environment that mirrors your values, you’re not just working; you’re thriving and evolving.

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Sample Answers

  • “I’ve always been drawn to companies that prioritize sustainability, and your recent eco-initiatives align perfectly with my personal and professional values.”
  • “Your company’s focus on continuous learning mirrors my own growth mindset. I see a future here where I can learn, contribute, and grow.”
  • “The culture of innovation here is obvious. I’ve always thrived in environments that encourage new ideas, and I’m eager to contribute to that.”

Provide Evidence of Past Achievements

From my years in guiding emerging talents, one lesson rings true everytime: stories resonate. The most effective candidates don’t just state their accomplishments; and they do it genuinely, simply. So let’s see how you can showcase your accomplishments and demonstrate your potential.

Provide Evidence of Past Achievements

The Power of Tangibility

While discussing your credentials, it’s essential to remember that specifics resonate. General statements will make your employer think that you’re making it up. So, include hard numbers, clear process, and tangible achievements to sound genuine. Think back to a time when you met a target, innovated a process, or led a team to victory, even if it was in college. What was the measurable impact?

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