Most Expensive Hotels in the World: Top 15

Travel is the greatest reward. To travel is to explore the best of places. Check out our top favorite and expensive hotels in the most famous places globally.

The luxury of time is not just to visit the most beautiful destinations but also to enjoy the most luxurious hotels. From Hawaii to Greece to Bahamas, here is a list of our top hotels and their splendid features. Yes, travel is an investment in itself.

Who hasn’t dreamed to take a vacation to the most exclusive locations in the world? My love for travel is endless, specifically when it comes to hotels. Yes, most definitely we have our own bucket list to tick off and one of the top wish is a staycation at the most amazing hotels in the world. Not just that, we wish to have a private pool, an iconic ocean view and yes, a much cooler jacuzzi too!

Stay at the Most Expensive Hotels

There are tens of thousands of beautiful hotels in the world. But only a handful are so exclusive they are a destination in their own right. With lavish suites, exclusive chefs, unbelievable views, their comforts are spectacular. Most of the hotels shortlisted are booked  at least a month in advance. A few of them are booked for over 3 months, unbelievable isn’t it?

I am writing this piece to fulfil my wishes and let me tell you first, I will have to save for months to afford the smallest pretty room available anywhere in this world. World is a place full of surprises and so are the hotels too. Check out the top expensive hotels we discovered from different corners of the world, which have the utmost luxury to offer us.

Top Expensive Hotels Globally

1. Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York

Mandarin Oriental is situated at the heart of Manhattan in the city that never sleeps i.e. New York. With first class facilities, Mandarin Oriental hotel is the chain based in five continents globally (Asia Pacific, America, Middle East and Africa, Europe). This one features floor-to-ceiling windows that delight us with the views of the Hudson River, Central Park or Manhattan’s ever sparkling skyline.

Renowned for world-class shopping and dining, including acclaimed restaurants Per Se and Masa, Mandarin Oriental is a luxury which is impossible to deny. Its infrastructure is unique in its own way. It is located in the prime spot of New York. Experience luxury and a posh stay in the city of dreams.

Mandarin Oriental hotel located in New York, USA.

Price: The most exclusive suites in Mandarin Oriental start from $3000 and range up to $4700 offering the views of Hudson river and Central Park. The suites include more than 20 luxurious facilities and the most expensive suite can accommodate around 5-7 people.


2. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab is an iconic hotel which is located on an artificial island near Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. The artificial island has a beautiful infinite beach. Stay in the lap of splendor and luxury in addition to the facilities like private TV screening, infinity pool, with a private beach and much more.

Additionally, being the tallest all-suite hotel in the world, in 2008 Burj Al Arab also broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive cocktail. Located in the heart of Dubai, it withstands any other luxurious hotel around the country. It has a five star ambience and infrastructure. It is also known as a landmark of architectural innovation.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s most expensive hotel by Jumeirah.

Price: Club suites, which are the duplex suites, start from $1600. The family suites are the most exclusive and expensive stays which range up to $6500 and consist of three bedrooms and an ocean view with royal furnished interior. Located above the Persian Gulf it offers the view of whole of Dubai from Burj Al Arab.


3. Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat, Four Seasons, France

Wish to experience a lifestyle of grandeur in France? Grand Hotel Du Cap- Ferrat is one of the most classic and expensive hotels to book for the same. Witness views from Nice to Monaco and live at the forefront of Riviera. It’s a wow factor for any trip and a perfect honeymoon destination too.

With its significant relevance, Grand Hotel Du Cap is sits at the tip of lush peninsula. You will find a soothing and relishing atmosphere which evokes the most luxurious stay in France. By taking a dive into the pool and plunging water bodies, this is one of the exclusive hotels which showcases class and glamour.

Four Seasons Grand Hôtel in Du Cap Ferrat, France.

Price: The most expensive suites in Grand Hotel Du Cap start from $3000. The suite with Mediterranean Sea view and a private pool rages from $3000 to $4500. The palace stay with a patio and sea view in this hotel is everything you have ever dreamed of living.


4. Splendido- A Belmond Hotel, Portofino, Italy

One of the most romantic ways to enjoy Italy is to do it in Splendido hotel. You admire the glittering gulf views from romantic fine dining restaurant and enjoy the serene view of nearby ancient vineyards.

With the inclusion of Italian cuisine and fresco dining with a beautiful ocean view, the hotel is more than just a luxurious property. It’s located at the Paraggi beach. Paraggi beach is known for its crystal clear blue water, beautiful isn’t it?

Splendido, a Belmond Hotel in Portofino, Italy.

Price: La Dolce Vita and presidential suites costs around $4000 and the price is worth the stay. The property offers a charming life decorated in pastel colors and a large private garden, perfect for soaking in Italian sun.


5. Waldorf Astoria, Maldives

In midst of the Indian ocean lies the prestigious property of Waldorf Astoria. It’s a paradise floating in the Indian Ocean. With breathtaking views and mesmerizing infrastructure, it’s a bliss to be on one of the expensive hotels and an island full of nature and peace.

Waldorf Astoria is a resort hotel on the Ithaafushi island in Maldives.

Enjoying coral reefs and a luxurious paradise, it is a perfect romantic gateway at a location like Maldives. Enjoy a relaxed time at private beach and explore underwater activities with nature as the richest treasure available.

Price: Waldorf Astoria offers a lot of stay options which range from $3000 to $20,000. The King Reef villa gives a private pool, balcony and a couple swing is perfect for a romantic honeymoon.


6. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace hotel is influenced by Mughal architecture and is one of the most expensive hotels in India. It is predominantly led by Mewari techniques. The hotel has a lot of spacious rooms and grand suites. This spectacular breathtaking hotel became world renowned when the James Bond film ‘Octopussy’ was filmed at this location. It is situated in the midst of a lake in Udaipur.

Taj Lake Palace is located in the center of lake Pichola in Udaipur.

It’s the place of Mehrana Bhagwat Singh. It is now transformed into a castle-like heritage hotel. With India’s diverse qualities imbibed in this hotel’s amenities, it’s the top foreign tourist pit stop. Tick off this piece of jewel from your travel bucket list.

Price- At Taj Lake Palace, the most expensive grand presidential suite costs around $5000. The suite encompasses the rich Indian heritage with view of Udaipur’s mesmerizing lake.


7. Africa: Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti is situated in the heart of most celebrated wildlife reserves. Serengeti is filled with wildlife and animals like cheetah, giraffe, elephants, etc. In middle of the African forest is this luxurious place with a view to world’s largest forest and wildlife.

Under protection of Maasai Mara tribe’s people, they take you on an exhilarating drive and they allow you to soar high on the hot air balloon. You get to stay in private villas with direct views and live with the animals, it’s a dream destination to spend time.

Four Seasons Safari Lounge Serengeti is located in Tanzania.

Price: The most exclusive presidential villa costs $9000 approximately. It offers three bedrooms with a direct view to the unfiltered wildlife reserves of Africa.


8. Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley, Australia

Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley is a blend of seclusion and dramatic nature’s beauty. It’s a place with a thrilling Hollywood movie experience. Set in the middle of the blue mountains of Australia is Emirates, one of the most exclusive hotels globally.

Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley is located near Sydney, Australia.

It’s a place where adventurous travellers visit for mountain biking and horse-riding experiences. Wolgan Valley offers a picturesque view and a stay with extraordinary adventures to embark.

Price: Heritage Twin Villa costs around $2000. In this property you get to enjoy a private pool, fireplace and a view to the beautiful Wolgan Valley.


9. Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

Conservatorium is in the museum square district, at the heart of Amsterdam. The building is an architectural masterpiece, a landmark of grace and contemporary design. It is one of the expensive hotels in the whole of Netherlands. It’s a combination of splendor and richness of Amsterdam.

The ambience is cheerful, elegant and worth a real good stay at the time of your vacation in Amsterdam. It has a minimal and subtle infrastructure which pleases you.

Conservatorium hotel located in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Price- Balcony suite and Van Baerle suite costs you around $2000 with an access to the luxurious and minimalistic lifestyle and a view to the city of Amsterdam.


10. Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Bellagio is one of the most iconic buildings in Las Vegas. After being featured in Hollywood movies like Ocean’s 11 and 13, the hotel’s architecture has become world famous . Along with a casino, it features a beautiful pool, a lot of designer stores, bakeries, cafeterias, etc. Bellagio offers a picturesque view of a beautiful blue private lake and fountains performing their own art.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The hotel lobby features a beautiful glass ceiling sculpture and Bellagio’s brunch buffet is to-die-for! It’s a remarkable getaway and one of the most expensive hotels for a worthy place like Las Vegas. Whether it is a bachelorette in Vegas or a quick honeymoon, celebrating in Bellagio makes the purpose complete.

Price- The penthouse suite which costs you $1400 is nothing but perfectly lavish living. The suite offers you the view of famous water fountains along with the view to the city of lights.


11. Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

A beach front property at the place known for nightlife, electronic music and party clubs. The hotel is a perfect place for a dream location like Ibiza. Not just to experience nature in its purest forms but the lively spirit. To live in this hotel is to experience life.

Hacienda Na Xamena is a beautiful resort based in Ibiza.

Hacienda Na Xamena offers delightful views. This five-star luxurious and exclusive hotel is one dream destination to visit in a lifetime.

Price: Suite Na Xamena will cost you approximately $2000 and has a view to magical cliffs, Mediterranean Sea and the land of Ibiza.


12. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis is the world’s largest open air marine habitat. It’s a city where everything is available. An icon of Atlantis features the awe-inspiring mythology of the Lost City of Atlantis risen from the sea. The ideal destination is famous for making the impossible imagination come alive.

Experience breathtaking views, awe-inspiring night life, extraordinary dining experiences and a package of entertainment. What else do you need in Bahamas when you get a the most beautiful beach front soaking vacation with a lot of adventure to explore.

Atlantis Paradise Island is an ocean-themed resort located in Bahamas.

Price- Premium imperial regal room comes for $1300 approximately. The hotel recently renovated its interiors, which makes it more pleasing. It has an iconic view to the island of Bahamas.


13. Four Seasons, Punta Mita, Mexico

Four Seasons, Punta Mita celebrates the rich Mexican culture along with its heritage. Its best feature is the ocean front villas and beach houses. It’s a perfect honeymoon destination. How about a candle light dinner or a dinner at the ocean front and a panoramic view to the Mexican beaches?

Four Seasons resort Punta Mita in Nayarit, Mexico.

Yes, a gem in Mexico with lush atmosphere, it’s the most coveted spot for intimate moments for the most precious occasions.

Price- Invierno ocean villa prices up to $4000. It has an accommodation of around 10 people and an ocean view with a private pool and huge open space.


14. Grand Hyatt Kauai, Hawaii

Thoughtful about a destination wedding in Hawaii? Well Grand Hyatt Kauai is the most perfect place for a destination wedding. Not just that, but to enjoy Hawaiian cuisine with activities like golf course, hiking, forest trails, is something to not miss out on when in Hawaii.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa in Hawaii.

The most ostentatious resort, the Grand Hyatt has pools, the island’s largest waterslide, domesticated macaws, a sprawling spa set amid jungle waterfalls and nine bar and dining venues  to bring the best out of a luxurious vacation.

Price- Suite ocean view costs approximately $3000 and provides a furnished lanai, ocean view and a soothing getaway to white sands.


15. Ashford Castle, Ireland

Last but not the least, Ashford Castle is a one of the world renowned expensive hotels. It’s popular for Irish service and a castle like luxury. It is a medieval Victorian castle turned into a five star hotel.

Ashford Castle hotel in Ireland.

Ashford Castle is surrounded by a huge area. It is usually filled with a lot of celebrity guests. The film Quiet Man was shot at this castle. Ashford is a one in a lifetime experience to live in an actual castle.

Price: State room and presidential rooms cost you around $5000. It has royal decorated interiors and offers a prodigal stay with a view to the whole castle.


So which hotel is on your bucket list? Comment down your favourite exclusive hotels.

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